My name is Josh Neese and I recently graduated from Full Sail University in Game Design.  I have made this website as a portfolio of the work I have done during my time at Full Sail.  Currently I work as a Designer for a general contractor focusing on grain handling facilities, but I am in the persuit to find a career in Game Design.  In my free time, you can find me finishing up my capstone game with my team from Full Sail University, playing D&D or finding new and exciting ways to get involved with the gaming world.  As of now, I am looking to make my way into the game industry as a game designer.  I would like to focus on level design, balancing, QA, and enemy/environmental design as those are my greatest interests.  I have a passion for board and card games and am very interested in the design process/production of those types of games.  I have a broad interest in games and would like to peruse those interests in the game industry.  If you could like to contact me you can do so through the email on my resume or on the contact tab on this site.

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