Murder In the Court

This was a group project started with each member selected 2 mechanics from a large pool and fully defining them.  After we defined the mechanics we were placed onto teams.  These teams were to select 5 of our best  mechanics and make either an analog game or a digital game out of those mechanics. 

Initial Pitch

The mechanics started out as Locate/Find, Steal, Trade, Memorize, and Attack.  These mechanics fit together to make a real-time strategy where the goal of the game is to take out the other players without getting caught by guards or being killed by other players.

After Mechanics Swap

The second week we were given two mechanics to swap out out for two of our current mechanics.  These were choose by our professor and we had no input in what mechanics to swap out.  After the swap, we had to recreate our game to fit with the new mechanics.  The mechanics we ended up with were Betting/Wager, Steal, Trade, Memorize, and Bluff.  My team went with a digital game because we felt we could make a more compelling game.  Once we set up our game, we move onto creating a game pitch video describing how the game would work and how each player would interact with the world.  In the final two weeks, we were to take our digital game and turn it into an analog game.  

Digital to Analog
Digital to Analog
Full Analog Download

The final week of the course was turning our digital game into an analog game.  We still had to incorporate all the previous mechanic while making a compelling analog game.  We settles on an idea of a competitive card based game.  The goal of the game is to gather enough evidence to put another player in jail for commuting a crime.  The last player left standing wins.  Players will take the roll of one of four classes each having different starting bonuses.  Players will take turns drawing cards, performing actions, playing counter cards, and collecting evidence.  

Cards/Tokens/Player Cards