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This is a board game I developed as part of a school project.  The goal of the game is to deliver more packages than the other players.  The game is 2-4 players where they take on the role of a delivery company.  Each company controls one truck which are used to deliver their packages.  Packages are obtained by drawing Pick-Up cards.  These cards coordinate to  a square on the board which is where the player needs to move their delivery truck to pick up the package.  Delivery cards are used to determine where the package needs to be delivered to to gain the points for the delivery.  Players can play Traffic cards that each have different effects that can help or hinder players in different ways.

  1. Each player can have a maximum of 5 cards in their had at any given time

  2. A player can affect multiple opponents in a single turn

  3. During a player's turn, they can perform any 2 of the following actions

    • Move Trucks​

    • Play 1 Traffic Card

    • Pickup a Delivery card

    • Draw 2 Traffic Cards

  4. A player can take their turn in any order (playing cards, moving trucks, ect.)

  5. Player will play rock paper scissors to determine who goes first

  6. ​The player who selects last destination card will be the first to take their turn

  7. Once a destination card is played and used, it must be placed face down in the destination deck discard pile

  8. Once a delivery card is met, the player keeps it in their bank to keep score

  9. If a delivery card is missed or lost, the player puts the Delivery card face down in the delivery discard pile

  10. A truck can have up to 3 packages for a delivery at any given time

  11. A truck cannot jump/move past another truck occupying the same space

  12. Trucks can move up to 4 spaces during an action

  13. There must be at least 2 empty spaces between traffic cones

Game Setup

The start of the game begins​ with eeach player drawing 5 Traffic cards.  These will be the cards used for an action during each player's turn.  Once each player has their hand, the host lays out Delivery cards, face up, equal to the number of players.  This pool will always equal the number of players.  If a Delivery card is picked up, it is replaced with a new card.  The player then select one of the cards they want to have for a starting delivery location.  After every player selected their first Delivery card, 3 delivery cards will be placed face up to be selected later by players.  After players have selected their first Delivery card each player draws a Pick-Up card from the top of the Pick-Up deck.  This action is always done in game order.  Each player starts their truck in their delivery company’s location.  Each player starts with a package ready in their truck to be delivered.

Card Examples
Game Items
  1. 80 Traffic Cards - Cards used on the player's turn to help/hinder other players

  2. 48 Pick-Up Cards - Cards used to display where the player needs to first pick up the package to be delivered later

  3. 48 Delivery Cards - Cards used to display where the player needs to go to delivery the package

  4. Trucks - Player icons used to move around the board

  5. 20 Traffic Cones - Icons used to block certain squares on the board to prevent player from moving on that square