Scraps was a team project where everyone designed their own level then combined them into one cohesive game.  The game is a post apologetic environment where humans survive in the last bastions of civilization.  The rich folk of these bastions would pay lowly scrapers to go into the world to salve anything of value they could find.  Since a scrappers job was a dangerous one, each scraper was equipped with a grav-null gun.   This gun allowed players to pick up and move objects around the environment to help them traverse dangerous areas, avoid hazards, and solve puzzles.  Each team was given the player character and movement system and we were tasked to build a level for the game.  The video below is a walk-through my final level in the game.


The flowchart for my level was to show how I was going to build my level as well as show where different setups would take place.  In the flowchart I show the walk-through of the level and how the player will be challenged in each location.  Throughout the flowchart, I show what items the player will be able to collect near each setup as well as a placeholder image of how I imagined the area the setup takes place.

Initial Map Design

After creating the flowchart I went ahead with the map design.  Since I wanted to center my map around a run down bank I decided to make the show piece for my level to be the vault door.  In my level the player had to collect different code pieces to figure out the combination the player needed to input to open the door.  I wanted to make a more vertical map so I could have a smaller footprint and to pack setups closer together.  I wanted the level to feel like a bank so everything is fairly close together. The map and images below show where each collectible is located and how the player can reach each collectible.

Final Map Design

After a couple of round of feedback from my peers, I was able to flesh out the level much better.  The main floor has more obstacles and isn't nearly as open as the initial map.  I also places obstacles in a more accurate position while also showing where I plan to have holes in the floor better planned out.  I added placeholder images similar to the flowchart to give me a better idea of how I envision each area to look when it comes to building the level.

Level Blockout

Below is a collection of images  of the initial block out.  These are from the first week of building my level.